Curious. Creative. Commercial.
The Sister is an independent marketing specialist challenging the norm to transform possibilities into reality..

About /

Bringing uncompromised creativity within the context of the commercial reality.

Born out of frustration with the process and rules stopping brilliant brand marketing creativity and business problem solving, The Sister brings experience and capability to think, create and get stuff done in the busy commercial environment. Underpinned by honest, supportive and challenging conversations that form real relationships, The Sister provides a no bullshit approach to a sometimes clinical consulting world.

Who Is The Sister /

Founded by Brooke Tierney in 2018, Brooke is The Sister. At the heart of her role as a sister are real relationships. Relationships that are more modest and humble together. As a sister, Brooke shows up. Shows up for friends,  family and when no one else does. She isn’t afraid of the challenge. A sister with nothing to prove. What you see is what you get. Brave, caring, real, creative and smart. 

Years of creative problem solving to help challenge the norm, to create new ideas, to build brand love and build brilliant teams, The Sister is backed by experience in both leading #1 brands with big budgets and challenger brands who have flipped category thinking and consumer behaviour on its head. Categories such as dairy, beverage, snacking, nutrition, household, personal care and alcohol.

Brooke has built structure and discipline to businesses (the right amount), restructured agency models and delivered Corporate Identity to new businesses who need to bring teams together under an aligned set of values and behaviours. Brooke has saved numerous brands, shifted the brand metrics and has been brave enough to kill brands. She has launched over 100 new ideas, has won numerous awards for her creative work, built teams and  coached & mentored young marketers to achieve success. Brooke is passionate about making brand marketers brave, brilliant and knowing their business worth.

A Marketing Academy Scholar, Brooke has become famous for her challenger mindset, her ability to work at strategic level and not precious in her approach to rolling up her sleeves and getting her hands dirty. A rare mix in senior brand marketers in the Australian marketplace.

Our Capability /

The Sister doesn’t deny the complexity weighing down modern teams but finds a way through it. Commercial at heart, The Sister brings an injection of short term brilliance for longevity into the brand marketing and innovation space. Creating, fixing, building, solving, educating, identifying new things, changing and most importantly caring.
The Sister helps brands, teams get incredible stuff done.

What We Do /

A foundation built off curiosity, creativity and commercial nouse, The Sister provides both strategic capability and the ability to roll up the sleeves and get things done. The Sister also provides training and mentoring in each of these areas.

Getting to the heart of the problem or opportunity

  • Brand reviews
  • Competitive analysis of comms, packaging, claims and positioning
  • Insight generation
  • Opportunity mapping (long & short term)

Brand and Portfolio Strategic Development

  • Long term marketing & brand strategy
  • New brand creation
  • Brand DNA & repositioning
  • Innovation strategy & pipeline development
  • Product development & scale up

Commercial Value

  • Brand Planning
  • NPD management and launches
  • Agency management and client relationship building
  • Trade engagement
  • Communications briefing & execution

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+61 438 699 557

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604 Burwood Rd,
Hawthorn East VIC, 3123

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